Click Click Click

Browser-event based game

Click Click Click is a browser event based game developed by Moniker & VPRO.

The visitor of the website will find itself on a flat white website with one single green button in the centre of the screen. Confronted with this empty screen the user (called ‘the subject’) most likely will be triggered to act with his mouse. Then the story starts. Everything, even the most tiny movement that we assume not worthy mentioning gets measured, recorded and valued. A feedback of written observations scroll in the screen, the user gets aware that he has entered an environment where his actions are transparent.

On top of these ‘objective’ measurements a narrating voice starts to judge the user upon its behavior and draws his conclusions – boring, exceptional, probably female, oh nooo - yes! Far reaching diagnosis and conclusions. Since all other visitors of before him or her had been observed as well, his actions are compared to others’... ‘This subject is pretty mediocre’...

Addressing the idea that all of our online behavior is possibly captured and monetized, the VPRO generously commissioned and co-produced this project.

Selected Coverage


  • Production
  • Concept
  • Co-production
    VPRO media lab
    Annelies ter Meer
    Geert-Jan Bogaerts
    Ton van Gool
  • Technology
    Tjerk Woudsma
    Joes Koppers 
  • Text Editor
    Kathrin Hero