Ever since you died...

Tool for children's secrets

A cloud of paper notes swirl in the wind over a horizon. It’s an ephemeral colour-changing scenery accompanied by a magical soundscape. Each note, written by a child who expresses their sorrow of losing a loved one, starts with the phrase "Sinds jij dood bent… / Ever since you died…" The children are invited to anonymously complete the sentence with honesty and freedom ➝ “Ever since you died… I sometimes call your voicemail.”

Everyone is welcome to contribute a note and let it tumble in the cloud. After finishing your note, just swipe up and let it fly away into the wind. To read, swipe down and catch a paper from the cloud.

Sinds Jij Dood Bent is created in co-production with Het Klokhuis, a Dutch television series for children. It supplements their television special dealing with death, saying farewell and mourning:
Het Klokhuis over Dood en Afscheid
The tool is a safe space for children to express the complex emotions of grief while showing them they are not alone.

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Ik durf niet te zeggen dat...

Unfold a paper crumble and read the secret worries children have written about the divorce of their parents. Crumple it up again and pick the next paper crumble.

Each paper crumble contains one sentence starting with “I don’t dare to say that…”. Children are asked to finish the sentence. Then they can crumple up the paper and drop their secret into the black hole. The simplicity of finishing a sentence invites children to speak about what they usually wouldn’t say – anonymously.

This message web app is born in the context of a Dutch Television series for children with divorced parents ➝ Het Klokhuis over Scheiden. The series was one of the first programmes on TV giving attention to the growing number of children suffering from a divorce by their parents. In addition to the TV documentary series we developed this website to give a voice to the children.

Visit ikdurfniettezeggendat.nl

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  • Concept & production
  • Co-Production
  • Design
    Jolana Sýkorová
  • Design
    Ik durf niet te zeggen dat...
    Floris van Driel
    Ben Wegscheider
  • Development
    Ik durf niet te zeggen dat...
  • Development
    Sinds jij dood bent...
    Jae Perris
  • Sound design
    Sinds jij dood bent...
    Simon Wald-Lasowski
    Sajoscha Talirz