Facing Fatchadas

AR emoji triggered by Sgraffito QR

Facing Fatschadas is part of a QR code based VR project on the facade of Somalgors74 an art space in Tschlin. We decided to leave all words out and only depict the facial expressions emerging during the conversations we had earlier.

One side of the facade focuses on the real emotions and facial expressions Roel and Luna are completely unaware of. The second façade is a compilation of re-enacted emotions that occurred during the days. Framed in a chat speech bubble the moving emojis are arranged on the facade like ancestral portraits.

The project combines the tradition of sgraffito on Engadin house facades with a contemporary, digital culture. It plays with the connection between the terms façade and face, which in Rhaeto-Romanic is almost identical to fatscha and fatschada.

What influence do digital perfection and clarity have on our communication and perception of the physical reality in which we still live? Do emojis have the potential to represent our emotions? Can we still read our facial expressions full of ambivalence or are our faces becoming bold facades?

The QR code is cut out of the facade by hand by Jan Robert Leegte. Do you want to see this work? Simply travel to Somalgors Tschlin, and point your camera to the facade to download the app.

Once in Tschlin, don't forget to say hi to Curdin.


  • Direction
    Luna Maurer
    Roel Wouters
  • Production
  • Commisioner Facing Fatschadas
    Curdin Tones
  • Video post production
    Fabian Pitzer