What if Google Maps went live...

Public space as performative space

Since the arrival of Google Maps, the world around us has become almost instantly retrievable, in great detail and at almost any desired moment. The images we see however, are static and don't reflect the state of flux that characterizes the public arena we inhabit.

What if Google Maps went live… makes the all-too-familiar view from the top come alive by using inserted film fragments into a huge collage photo of Strijp-S, a neigbourhood in Eindhoven which was being developed at the time.

During the arts festival Flux/S Square One in Eindhoven, a local audience gathered to playfully appropriate the public space under the direction of choreographer Katja Heitmann and composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven.

Dancing and playing within the contours of recently dumped sand on the clean concrete pavements and alongside the newly planted grass, they created a dynamic real-time version of Google Maps.

Several performances were filmed from top by a team of camera operators. Their cameras were mounted on the top of fishing rods.

In order to track the recordings we placed 1125 pylons in a perfect aligned grid on the strijp/s area. (across the streets and on the roofs of buildings) This turned out as a piece of unintended land art.

Merlijn Twaalfhoven conducting
The complete mapped terrain


  • Concept
  • Producer
    Jan Schuijren
  • Director
    Roel Wouters
  • Executive Producer
    Vargo Bawits
  • Communication
    Maaike Delemarre
  • Pre-production
    Chantal Kleinmeulman
  • Production Assistance
    Eva Bullens
    Eva van der Moer
    Walter van Beek
    Jeanine des Bouvrie
    Henk van den Brink
    Piet van Benthem
  • Photographer
    Marc Faasse
  • D.O.P.
    Sal Kroonenberg
  • Floor manager
    Eddy Stuy
  • Camera Operators
    Nicholas Burrough
    Jeroen Simons
    Edo Kuipers
    Thijn Teeuwissen
    Edwin Donders
  • Data Handler
    Johan Bosgraaf
  • Choreography
    Katja Heitmann
  • Composer
    Merlijn Twaalfhoven
  • Friso Pas
    Willem de Wijs
    Peter van Suyderhoud
  • Audio Post-Production
    Peter van Suyderhoud
  • Metronome
    Rik Elstgeest
  • Video post production
  • Organ
  • Funders
    City of Eindhoven
    Cultuurfonds Strijp-S
    CityDynamiek Eindhoven
    BKKC / Provincie Noord-Brabant
    Mondriaan Fund
  • Partners
    Van Abbemuseum
    Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
    Plaza Futura
    Fontys Dance Academy
    nb projects
  • Sponsors
    AXYS Duran Audio
    Supportpunt Eindhoven
    Smalle Haven
    Hotel Pullmann Cocagne